EyeWalker Elements

Taylor is a super-food living, life empowerment facilitator and alchemist - when she's not traveling the world, connecting with different communities, writing and drinking tea. With the intention of feeling more vibrancy, joy and clarity in every moment, her path has led her to an earth based ritual practice embracing new consciousness paradigms.

Born in the woods of South Carolina, the sweet smells of Magnolias, pine and fire wood inspired Taylor’s early appreciation and love for connecting with nature. She unknowingly began building alter spaces and sacred playgrounds around the 3 acre property in which she was raised. A constant childlike wonder and active imagination caused her fascination with smells to began. At a young age Taylor’s attraction to old books, wearing her mother’s sweaters for the smell of comfort and witnessing her mother adorning every room in their home crystalized Taylor’s olfactory pallet so much so that scent ruled the way she moved through life. 10 years later, she knew it was more than just her keen nose that led her down a particular path, she wanted to create something unique and something that’s never been done before. She was meant to redefine the way people relate to plants and use them as a vehicle for trans-formation by becoming an aromatic botanical alchemist. 

The culmination of Taylor's wild and freedom seeking life path led her to create, EyeWalker Elements. This is the love child of her work with the shipibo tribe and her journeys through the amazon jungle. Studying a wide range of esoteric magic and sha-manism she has created EyeWalker Elements to bring you alchem-ical wisdom, crystal healing, organic perfumery paired with empowerment coaching! Her studies of Ayurveda, Herbalism, Tan-tra, Ashtanga, Kundalini Yoga and Aromatic Botanical Medicine combine to create a balanced synergy of SCENTual intoxication and healing. Taylor’s priority is to educate and share the im-portance of getting back to nature’s inherent aromas and medicine. Traveling the world and the global internet family she is guided by the clear intention that we are one with mother earth. She uses her certified nose to create aromas that attract, shift and ascend your being. Are you ready for scent’s awakening?


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