EyeWalker Elements

Full Moon Special

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Every month there's a new inspired scent from the moon cycle! 

Inspired from the full moon and the cycles of astrology, Taylor creates special scents on these special days. Every month there is something new being created whether it's a full moon in an astrological sign or a special equinox or solstice, there will only be a few listed and will not be recreated! 

Created on the brightest and fullest moon in Scorpio


nurture the deepest parts of yourself that are emerging to be transformed. Create a kind soothing atmosphere for our transformation, our darkest parts can seem like a scary place for some. Allow the full moon in Scorpio to shine light in our cobwebbed corners so that we may take a look and see what's truly in there.

rare essences of: ylang ylang superior, frankincense serrata, night jasmine, jatamansi, pink lotus, mitti, Yerba Santa, carnelian and unakite essence

a kind support system is there to allow all that we wish so deeply to transform, be transformed. Create fearlessness and change once and for all.

Charged with 108 recitations if chattr chakkr vartee 


{ Comes with EyeWalker Elements fringe bag }

size | 12 ml.

By the clear light of love, the sat nam, honoring the healing in every ONE


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